Below are instructions for downloading and using the ASCA Conference App. You will need this app to evaluate sessions and obtain your PD Certificates.

1. Download the App on your phone.

The conference app is available for both Apple and Android devices. Click the links below to download the app for your phone!
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Make sure you download the ASCA STATES app, NOT the ASCA Conference app. They are two different things. Also, if you are searching for the app rather than using the direct links above, make sure you are searching for ASCA STATES, NOT AzSCA STATES. There will be no results for "AzSCA STATES". You want the app with an icon that looks like this:
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2. Launch the app and log in.

Use the email address associated with your registration to log in. In most cases, this is your school email address.

Then, select ARIZONA from the dropdown menu and click OK.
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3. Use the app!

When you are logged in, you will see a screen with many options to view sessions, agendas, sponsors, and more.
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