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Benefits of Attending

Whether you belong to a large or small school, investments in improving professional knowledge and skills will be repaid many times over when you return to your office energized and inspired, having had an opportunity to compare notes with colleagues who may have faced - or are facing - similar circumstances to those you face in your position.

Here are just a few benefits of attending AzSCA’s Annual Conference:  
  • Re-charge your passion for the profession. You are an important asset to your schools and the students and parents you serve. If you come back re-charged, you will pass along that energy and enthusiasm to those with whom you work. This will create a better experience for everyone!
  • Find the newest trends, innovations, technologies, and best practices available in the profession when you attend the AzSCA Annual Conference. You will also fine-tune your skills, learn new techniques, network with peers, and learn about issues affecting the profession and the students and families you serve. You will discover how to enhance student interactions; which personal/social, career, academic, political or other issues or trends are affecting the field of school counseling; how to develop approaches to various audiences; and find out how your school can benefit from using technology in various settings.
  • Meet the best and the brightest in the profession. With more than 75 educational sessions, you and your school will reap the benefits of best practices, success stories, tools, and practical solutions. You will also have the opportunity to turn your biggest challenges into your greatest accomplishments when you learn from the experts, leaders in the field and fellow attendees. We empower school counselors to lead systemic change by delivering to all students an ASCA National Model Program, aligned with state standards for academic, personal/social, and career development.
  • Be a force for change in your school and community by taking your knowledge back to your peers. Everyone in your school can benefit from your attendance. Learn successful methods and best practices from leaders in the profession and become skilled at applying these methods when you share them and collaborate with your colleagues when you get home. This will be your chance to bring the benefits of knowledge home to your school!